Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that therapy can help me?

Answer: That’s a great question. People spend a lot of time thinking about this before scheduling an appointment. I’ll answer this question with some questions of my own.

Are you hurting? Do others look at you and think you have it all, but you feel empty and know that something important is missing? Are you who you want to be or are you frustrated, anxious, angry or depressed? Are you having problems in your love life? Are you facing a life transition which you don’t feel equipped to handle? Have you been trying to change but realize that if you could have changed on your own, you would have changed by now?

Here’s my last question and it contains the answer to yours.

Do you still have hope?

Hope is what brings people into therapy; the hope that things can change. Therapy is the bridge that takes you from hope to change.


There are so many therapists to choose from, how can I know that you are the right one?

Answer: You’ve touched on a critical point in your question. Finding the right therapist makes all the difference.

Therapy is a relationally based experience. While in therapy, you’ll be talking about your personal life and the feelings you have about it. You and your therapist will work together discussing and understanding how your life experiences have affected you. The relationship you have with your therapist is unlike any other relationship you have because the two of you will be focused entirely on you. You deserve a therapist who will hear you, accept you without judgement, guide you and empower you. You enter into a therapeutic relationship as a means to an end. Once you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to achieve, you’re free to leave treatment, or you might consider staying. Working with the right therapist can enhance and improve so many areas of your life. When you’re sitting in the room with that therapist, then you will know you are in the right place.