I’m Michelle Halle, LCSW

I can help you be a more nurturing mother.

You’re a high functioning woman who appears to have it all. From the outside your life looks wonderful, but it doesn’t feel that way on the inside. You are walled off from your emotions. When asked what you want or what you feel, you have no idea. At times, you feel a deep emptiness, as if you’re hollow inside. You hide it well - others have no idea how you feel.

It’s complicated, isn’t it? You’re a high achiever. You take pride in how efficient you are. You take care of your family and you perform well at work. But you wonder…If your life looks so good, why doesn’t it feel good? You go through all the motions of living a good life, but where’s the joy?

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Emotional Connection

One of the things that bothers you most is you feel emotionally detached from your children. You’d rather focus on arranging their after-school schedules than spend time with them. 

You realize that you need to nurture your kids more than you were nurtured when you were young. It’s hard to give your children something you didn’t get from your own mother. You worry that your children will wind up struggling with the same feelings you’re struggling with and you certainly don’t want that to happen. You’re looking for help.

I can help you feel connected to your children and find joy in motherhood.

Give your children the best version of yourself!

You can be the mother your kids need you to be - the mother you want them to have.

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Michelle is a highly trained, skilled and compassionate therapist. She is a caring partner in her client’s growth and change process and offers her sense of humor, integrity and professionalism to her counseling style.
— Sabrina Ben-Porat, LCSW