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Do you ever think:

I feel so overwhelmed.

I can’t do this anymore.

Something’s wrong with me.

My anxiety is out of control.

I need help.

What if:

You could cope with your feelings.

You believed in yourself.

Your inner critic went silent.

Your fears didn’t control you.

You felt connected to others.

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I can help you have a happier life.

Let go of perfectionism and practice self-compassion.

Develop meaningful relationships.

Cope with life transitions feeling confident instead of overwhelmed.

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Therapy is a time for reflection. The first step begins with telling your life story.


When you’re young, you’re dependent on others. You feel helpless if your needs aren’t met. Being helpless is terrifying, so you replace it with another feeling - hope.


Your life is not going the way you want but you haven’t given up. Today, you are ready and able to help yourself. Talking about your life in therapy can help you have the life you want.


Once you’ve talked about your feelings with a therapist who is attuned to you, and are fully seen and understood, you’ll notice a transformation take place. You will feel better and live better.

You can’t rewrite your past, but talking about it in therapy can help shape your future. You can have the life you crave.

Now is the perfect time to start.

Michelle is a highly trained, skilled and compassionate therapist. She is a caring partner in her client’s growth and change process and  offers her sense of humor, integrity and professionalism to her counseling style.
— Sabrina Ben-Porat, LCSW