When everything about your life seems right, but you’re experiencing sadness and pain, you may be an adult who suffered from childhood emotional neglect.

As a child, you needed both physical and emotional care from your parents. If your emotional needs as a child were neglected, you may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms in adulthood:


  • You have a hard time knowing what you feel

  • You believe that there is something wrong with you

  • You feel hollow or empty inside

  • You feel disconnected from those you should feel close to

  • You question whether your feelings are valid

  • You believe that feelings are “bad”

  • You are overly self-critical

  • You frequently feel shame

  • You believe that you can’t rely on anyone but yourself

Childhood emotional neglect can be difficult to identify. Unlike physical neglect, emotional neglect is invisible.

I help people recover from childhood emotional neglect.

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If you were an emotionally neglected child, you were taught that having feelings is wrong.

You don’t have to live that way anymore. In therapy, you’ll learn that having feelings is normal. Your self-criticism will be replaced with self-compassion. You will feel more connected to yourself and more connected to others.


Emotional Neglect

You can overcome childhood emotional neglect.

Learn to identify your feelings and name them.

Feel validated. Having feelings and communicating them is okay.

Get to know yourself better. Begin to feel more connected to others.

Relate to yourself with compassion and love. Realize it is okay to depend on others sometimes.

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Talking with Michelle about what it was like growing up in my family helped me understand my mother. Somehow I was able to stop criticizing myself.
— G.S.