When The Golden Years seem Tarnished

You’ve suffered the loss of your spouse and you wonder whether your grief will ever go away. You were supposed to grow old together, but they’re gone now and you’re left alone to do all the things you thought you’d be doing together. You’ve learned to carry on but it feels like a life of lifelessness.

You count your blessings yet you feel conflicted

Your children are devoted to you. You’ve independent. You’re active and healthy.

Still, you feel sad and lonely. You chastise yourself for feeling gloomy.

What have you got to complain about? You are fortunate.

Others in your situation are infirm or dependent on family and friends.

You still drive, are mobile and have lots of life left in you.

But you don’t know what to do with it.

You’re not alone.

I can help you find meaning again.

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You were not emotionally prepared for a life alone

You were planners. You planned for your retirement, but you never planned on doing it yourself. You hate feeling like a fifth wheel when you’re with your friends.

We can’t bring your spouse back but we can bring life back into your days. I can help you:

  • Talk about your loss and all the losses associated with being a widow or widower

  • Find a way to live a meaningful life

  • Know that you matter and are still relevant